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‘Adelaide is dead,’ Bonny Khalwale loses his wife of 39 years

Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has lost his first wife Adelaide Khalwale whom he had been married to for 39 years. She succumbed to pulmonary hypertension.

Speaking during a presser with KTN Khalwale said,

‘For avoidance of doubt I wish to announce to members of my extended family and my friends that Adelaide is dead.

Adelaide was my wife of 39 years from 2003 w when she was first diagnosed with cancer. as a family we refused to be intimated by the possibility of death.

She has died not from cancer,she had cervix cancer in 2003 but we went through chemotherapy and she got better.’

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Khalwale added that they had overcome so many battles with cancer and in the end, it’s not what killed his wife.

This year she developed cancer of the blood, also known as  multiple myeloma we started chemotherapy and she completed the course.

This week we went to the Cancer Centre, we did the profiles of the blood and of the bone marrow and confirmed the cancer had been cured.

Two days ago, she developed pulmonary hypertension,  for the two days she started taking the medication then she just stopped breathing.

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