Actress Brenda Wairimu opens up about being a good role model for daughter

Brenda Wairimu and Juliani’s daughter Amor is imitating the actions of her popular mother, so much so that Brenda is now intentional in everything that she does.

The actress opened up about realizing how her daughter looks up to her in a note.

‘I was having these pictures taken, and Amor was just behind the person taking the pictures, she was copying EVERY pose I did, every single one. And it hit me again, she is watching, learning from me, even when I don’t see it she is watching me. And what a responsibility that is, what a “burden” to have this much impact on a childs life. I can only hope to be better today than I was yesterday, so that even when I am not perfect, and it is often that I am not perfect, she knows that at least there is always room to improve on yourself.’

Brenda Wairimu

Youngsters mimic and absorb the actions of their parents that this si a piece of advise e should perhaps think about carrying in our own lives.

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