Actor Ryan Reynolds offers Sh500,000 reward for stolen teddy bear 


Ryan Reynolds is winning hearts worldwide after offering a half million shilling reward to help a Canadian woman find her stolen teddy bear.

The teddy bear has a recording of the voice of the woman’s late mother.

It’s a custom built teddy bear Christmas gift three years ago with a recording that says “No matter where you are, part of me will always be with you forever. I love you.”

6 Underground actor Ryan Reynold

“It’s the last thing I have that sounds like the mom I grew up with,” The woman said in tears, explaining that her mother’s cancer robbed her of her voice in the final years of her life.

The bear is also dressed like her mother, right down to the oversized glasses.

The woman was moving into a new apartment and the bear was inside it when she put down the bag to pick up a call.

She briefly put the bag down to take a call from a friend who had been hit by a van. In her panic, she forgot about the bag and within 10 minutes, she says it was taken.


6 Underground actor Ryan Reynold tweeted about it, offering a $5,000 reward for the safe return of the bear.

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