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According to Maina Kageni, this is why Diamond Platinumz can’t keep women in his life

You all know Maina Kageni speaks his mind out.

So this week, during classic 105 conversation with Maina and King’ang’i, the discussion that has been going on is about Mother-in-laws and how heartless some turn out to be to their son’s wives. So today, Maina asked mother-in -laws to call him and explain why they are accused of the latter and why they do so.

He mentioned that most marriages break because of this women and happened to mention Diamond’s mother, Mama Dangote saying;

“Can you imagine having Diamond’s mother as a mother-in-law? Always updating your children on social media plus everything about you. Do you know that she is also always in his house? No wonder he can’t keep women.” said Maina.


Well, during Mwalimu’s Kasheshe, Maina asked Mwalimu whether he knows that Diamond’s mother is on social media.

Mwalimu said;

“Saa zile wetu wako PCEA, church, yeye ana update tu. Unajua kuna saa wamama wanafaa kuingia Kanisani na kutafta uso wa bwana?”

He went on asked Maina,

“Kwa hivo ata yeye anadance Kwangwaru?”


Maina responded,

“I am sure she knows what the song means “check out wimbo ya mwanagu hapa Kwangwaru.

Hiyo ndio tunaita Maisha ya uswazi yani kukataa kuzeeka. those Tanzanian women, look so good even at their old age , they apply make up, hena and so on.

Mwalimu teased Maina, “Naona Utapotelea huko vile unawasifu….. Maina responded, “No we can borrow a leaf from those women as Kenyans”

Listen to the whole conversation below;

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