Mwanaisha Chidzuga

“I lost my job, got an accident and contracted COVID-19,” Mwanaisha Chidzuga narrates

Mwanaisha Chidzuga was one of the darlings of Swahili news in her prime. She regaled us with her wit, verve and bubbliness as she delivered the news with consummate professionalism and class.

But that chapter came to a sudden end when she was fired from K24 in October 2019 in a mass axing that left 150 employees redundant.

But while some might have been wallowing, Mwanaisha hit the ground running and bounced back with an option B, her Swahili dishes restaurant, Aryanna Dishes.

Not only that, she officially launched her new show dubbed ‘Dada2DadaUncensored’. While it might have seemed that things were going swimmingly for her, what many didn’t know was that she was going through a tough period.

In a touching Instagram post, the lady who is married to politician Danson Mungantana revealed that she had suffered badly in her 37th year.

Thank you for being my pillar of strength – Mwanaisha Chidzuga’s message to Mungatana

The former news anchor opened up about getting fired, then getting involved in a car accident before becoming a COVID-19 patient.

“Yes I am a survivor of so many things..road accident early this year, Covid 19 that affected my business and myself getting infected but survived too.”

As she turned 38 the mother of 4 said that she still had lessons to take home. “Now I know that I had to go through all that so that I can stand tall today. So BYE Chapter 37. Cheers to Amazing Chapter 38🥂Inshallah. And yes I am aging gracefully and just right. To myself I need to be more kind and take care of myself more,” she sweetly wraps up.

Wow! That is really a testimony of willpower and strenght.

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