Abel Mutua with his wife, their daughter and the Njugush family

Njugush has been taking care of me for the past two years! Abel Mutua narrates

Blessed Njugush has ascended the heights of entertainment in this country with some of the best family-friendly comedy available.

Along the way, he has been helped heavily by some people and credit to Njugush for not forgetting them as he has also returned the favour. One of those people is popular video director Abel Mutua.

Abel Mutua smiling
Abel Mutua smiling

Abel recently came out to reveal that Njugush had been “taking care” of his family for the last two years after the director helped guide his path in the film industry.

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During an episode of Celeb First Encounters, Abel explained that he and Njugush had met way back in 2011 after the filmmaker recognised him when he went to watch a play rehearsal at the Kenya Institute Mass Communication.

Njugush posing with Abel Mutua
The comic posing with Abel Mutua

Abel said that he had fallen in love with Njugush’s comedy act and that he promised to work with him in the future, which later transpired in 2013.

After that, the comedian made his big break on the Real Househelps of Kawangware, which Abel also offered to Njugush.

“When he joined the show, even our reviews became better and people noticed us. By the time that year was ending he became a great and I promised him he would become a great person,” Abel said.

Abel Mutua's family and Njugush's family

Njugush then started doing his online comedy and devised a way to reward Abel for all the help he had given him previously.

The comedian allowed Abel’s wife Judy Nyawira to become his brand manager with the earnings she gets helping with the needs at their home.

Abel Mutua with his wife
Abel Mutua with his wife

This has allowed Abel to focus on his daughter’s education and their future. Now this reminds me of the phrase, “One good deed deserves another.”

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