‘That gesture made a whole difference in my life’Abe Mutua Celebrates DJ MO for helping him when others turned their backs on him.

Its not everyday that people take the chance to thank those who stood by them when they were raising up but Abel Mutua is doing that and we are impressed.

He took to his social media platform to thank celebrated spinmaster DJ MO for standing by him.

He says;

“Allow me to break the norm and start with the gentleman. In 2009 Churchill did a Comic Search reality show called Top Comic. The winner was to walk away with a DMax and a TV contract. We were six finalists by the end of the season. One winner was to come from us. We decided everyone gets a piece of it so we agreed that the winner would be the face of the new Tv show and the other five would be his support cast. My good friend @oyoo_geoffrey scooped the prize but because of a few understandable reasons, the contract never came through. So we had to do it by ourselves by shooting a pilot. Did we have the money? Ngumu!!!!”

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He further goes on to narrate how DJ MO came through for him at his hour of need something he will forever be grateful for.

“So we started asking for Favours left right and Centre. That’s when I met this gentleman @djmokenya FOR THE FIRST TIME. I told him that we needed sound since it was a comedy gig but we had no money at all. Mo did not even ask for transport money. He transported his equipment to location, did the set up, played for us during the entire gig, and was the last one to leave the venue after everyone had left. We never gave him a single dime. I owe you one my brother. Almost a decade down the line but that gesture made a whole difference in my life. God bless you manze. Fast forward to four years later in May of 2013. The comedy we were trying had finally bore fruit. We landed a gig on KTN called Hapa Kule News. The pilot Episode was watched by around 10 executive members at KTN. 9 of them didn’t like it at all. Only 1 pushed it to go on air. And it really sucked when it did. I remember one of my favorite rappers @labalaamakau wrote on my Twitter ‘This show is crap’. 51 times. Iza jo brathe, ilikuwa ndio tunaanza tu. 😂😂😂.”

He concludes

“So the pressure to impress on Ep 2 was real. So we needed to have a guest star who wd make an impact so that we cd drive traffic to the show. All the bigwigs we talked to turned us down. Until someone suggested @size8reborn. She was a heavyweight at the time as well,but she never pulled a diva moment on us even after making her sit on a stone. She made us shine! Shukran!!! Because of your heart, Your family is blessed mamaa. Mbali ndio mnaenda. Barikiweni sana. Oh and that Ep 2 Killed it!!! 😂😂😂😂”

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