‘A woman who beats her husband is cursed,’ Shouts Gloria Muliro’s ex

Pastor Eric Omba – Gloria Muliro’s ex-husband – has advised that women who beat their husbands should make an effort to drop such habits.

Unlike back in the day, it has emerged that women nowadays met out physical and emotional violence and abuse on their husbands, something Omba says the bible is against.

Taking to his social media platform to advise Kenyans Omba said,

Ladies Be Warned: Any Woman who beats her Husband will go straight go to hell. this is because a man is the iImage of God and a woman is just one part ,a rib that God has taken from a man.

A man is the head of the family and symbols of God in the family and a protector and the blessings come through him.

Gloria Muliro and her ex husband Eric Omba on their wedding day
Gloria Muliro and her ex husband Eric Omba on their wedding day

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Omba further pens,

But if a woman beats her husband it doesn’t matter what the husband has done, that woman is cursed and she will never enter into the kingdom of Heaven if she doesn’t repent and receive Jesus Christ.

He goes on to advise that if by any chance you are in an abusive marriage the best thing is to report it to church elders or the police if need be.

If you have problem or misunderstanding with your husband take your issue to church, to his parents or to the police but never punish your own husband.

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