‘A woman is like a home cooked meal, tasty and healthy, but sometimes all a man wants is junk’ Reasons why men fall out of love with their women (Audio)

Marriage is not a bed of roses, this was confirmed during the morning show on Classic 105 after men confessed why they stop feeling their spouses.

The debate was brought about by a woman who had earlier confessed that it’s been a year since she got intimate with her husband.

“The last two years have been rocky, this is because we have been in a s#xless marriage for the last two years. It all started after he started coming home claiming he is tired and that he just wants to go and sleep.

My matrimonial bed has been very cold and I don’t know what to do anymore. I am depressed sad  my marriage is breaking apart and I am very scared.

I am now looking for another option, wondering if there is another remedy within the law, because I am out of options now.”

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Maina gave his fans a chance to open up and reveal why they stop having feelings towards their spouses and here is what they had to say.

“At the back of my head I have that fear that my husband might stop feeling me. I know so many couples that I know of who sleep in different bedroom years ago.

Out there you see them out having fun but back at home the relationship is dead. So I tell my husband that when it reaches a point where we are financially stable and I do not have to worry about anything then he is free to marry.

He keeps saying that his mind is not thinking of such issues but I know someday he will think of it. I have even started preparing myself psychologically for when that time comes.”


Another says

“Going off your spouse whether in marriage or in a relationship is very normal. You totally become unattractive to your partner, there are so many reasons behind that but you cannot get straight answers. The heart gets tired.”

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Another says

“A woman is like a home cooked meal, good for the man warm, nourishing and consistent but sometimes he might just want some junk food.”

Just when you think you have heard enough another male fan says this

“Some women throw a man’s respect away to the dogs after getting the second kid, they feel kama wamefika we feel out of place and misplace our feelings.”

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