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A three-second pinch test can tell if you’re dehydrated

To test the skin turgor to find out if you’re dehydrated, simply pinch the skin with two fingers on your abdomen, the front of your hand or the skin on your chest just below the collarbone for a few seconds, holding it in place as you pinch.

After pinching your skin for a few seconds let go and if the skin immediately returns to its regular position that means you have normal turgor which shows you’re hydrated enough.

However, if your skin takes a moment to return to normal, that means you have poor turgor which is a sign of fluid loss due to dehydration and you need fluids, according to Medline Plus.

When performing the test which can easily be done anywhere – even at your desk – make sure to check and see if your skin ‘tents,’ meaning your skin stays upright from the pinch for a second longer than normal.

If you’re only slightly dehydrated it can be shown if the skin moves a little slower than usual – but severe dehydration would occur if your skin turgor took a long time to get back in place.

In the case that the pinch test proved you’re dehydrated, don’t fret because doctors revealed helpful tips to get hydrated quickly through fluids, eating properly and skincare to ensure you don’t get dehydrated.

Dr. Dennis Gross revealed to that the three-second pinch test is ‘the best way to determine if you are dehydrated.’

‘A lack of water in the circulatory system leads to less circulation to the skin and decreased skin elasticity – meaning it will take longer to return to its natural state after being pinched.

‘When you are dehydrated, the skin receives less nutrients, vitamins and oxygen that make it look dull,’ Dr. Gross admitted.

‘Topically, applying any moisturizing product that may contain water can promote hydrated, healthy skin,’ he continued.

Dr. Gross also shared some easy tips to get you hydrated in no time: ‘Apply moisturizer within 30 seconds after bathing and toweling off. The moisturizer will help seal in the water from the shower.

‘Also, trap the steam in your bathroom by keeping the door closed to seal in even more moisture. You can also use oils to hydrate skin but they have pros and cons.

‘The pros are that oils can be used in bath water which seals skin exceptionally well, preventing water evaporation plus they soothe skin, but the cons are that oils are greasy which can certainly be difficult in daytime because the texture doesn’t absorb well and can messes up clothing or sheets.’

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