A Thankful Heart: Kibra MP Ken Okoth’s message to KOT

BBC TV personality Larry Madowo paid a visit to ailing Kibra Mp Ken Okoth, as he continues with medical treatment in Paris.

The MP who has won the hearts of Kenyans, disclosed recently that he was diagnosed with Cancer.

Madowo’s message read

Great catching up with my friend Ken Okoth.

He’s in good spirits and thanks everyone for the support

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Ken Okoth is a man who has a story that has inspired many and still continues to inspire a lot of people.

The MP has been battling cancer but still continues to put on a brave and optimistic face amidst treatment.

Other Kenyas who have visited the MP include Speaker of the Senate ken Lusaka and Esther Passaris.

KOT whispered words of comfort to him under the comments section

mamah_nate: This too shall pass for Ken. He shall come out a Victor… Praying for him.

estheratsango: May God heal him. I shed tears for him almost daily. May our good Lord answer my prayers for Ken. I love him so much Such a great Leader.

judyjmutheu: Lord Jesus I thank you for the gift of great health and for those who don’t have this gift Lord I ask that you heal them. Amen

maureenakenga: May God grant you full recovery. Your best days are ahead of you. Hold on help is on the way.

samconny1: We’re praying for him…🙏🙏🙏🙏 God’s mercy upon him

saenyi_simon: Great to see you Ken…you shall get over this…. We are praying for you

stacyhope09: Keep well boss, may your healing come from the above

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