A rich mheshimiwa asked me out on a date to Naivasha, city mum confesses

She shocked so many when she revealed that a certain un-named rich politician regularly asks her to accompany him to the outskirts of the city, promising a romantic night.

A woman spoke to Classic 105’s Larry Asego, where she confessed that the mheshimiwa always manages to follow her to local nightclubs to ask her out. However, she narrated her first encounter with the pot belied mheshimiwa, stating that he has unsuccessfully tried to woo her, using the intervention of waiters and his bodyguard.

The alleged mheshimiwa later approached her, apologizing for summoning her that way.

Has it happened to you?

” Larry, it’s a common thing and very annoying. This waitress approached me saying nimeambiwa nichukuwe hii bill yako, na unaitwa na mkubwa, unaitwa na mkubwa”. 

So the woman asked the waitress who mkubwa was and what he wanted, and the club employee responded by rudely saying “unajua hakuna mtu anakataanga huyu mkubwa?”

The female clubgoer went on to add, “This mheshimiwa was so full of himself he came over, and he was like what are you guys drinking? Hii table inakaa inashida sana, inakaa kuna shida ya unga kwa hii meza.”

This apparently is his way of informing someone he wants to buy drinks and possibly join those seated at the table.

Listen to the audio below as she narrates how he disgusted her.

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