A Man Is Yours When You Are With Him, When He Is Out He Is Ours! Huddah Mocks Zari

Everyone is talking about the confession that Diamond Platnumz gave in the morning while being interviewed on Clouds FM. Many have congratulated Him for his braveness in admitting that Hamisa Mobetto’s son is his flesh and blood.


Over two thousand people were watching the interview live and many of them had different expectations about the issue and he accepted his mistake and asked his two kids and his wife Zari Hassan for forgiveness saying that he would go on his knees to South Africa just to apologize and that he will never leave her.


This confession has raised eyebrows and since they are public figures, many people are expected to talk and give their views concerning the issue including various celebrities.


Huddah Monroe reacted to the news on social media telling Tanzanians that they make her laugh and that people should know that a man is only yours when you are with him and when he is out, he belongs to others.


Huddah said, “Tea is really being served out there and chill! And laugh! Tanzania mtatuuwaa. A man is yours when you are with him. When he is out he is ours! We share.”




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