A list of things you will always find in every girls handbag


My colleagues and I went through the contents of our bags and most had similar items.

From Aramis to wipes, here is a list of some of the things that you will never miss in ones handbag;



Makeup bag

Call it what you want, but a girls face must be beat all day long. From lipstick to highlghter and powder, we all have makeup in our bags to maintain that good look all through.

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A charger and earphones

Constantly being on social media, has a way of draining a phone battery. So we need to carry this item and earphones in case we are bored and want to block out that preacher shouting in the matatu during hour long commutes.


This helps in maintaining a fresh odor during the day.


Hand sanitizer

Perhaps you want to grab a quick bite in town and there is no tap with water. Hand sanitizers are a girls bestfriend.

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It is said women look in the mirror at least eight times a day. It’s not vanity, we just want to ensure our wigs are not out of place, or worse we might have sukuma wiki stuck in our teeth. Yikes!!!


Ashy hands and legs are a no no. So we carry some lotion to moisturize.

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This comes in handy throughout the day, to wipe off makeup and apply afresh, for cleaning dirty high heels, etc.


We all like to keep memories and writing is one way. You can also write a to do list in the book so as not to forget what you had planned to do. Ladies also like to keep records about what happens in their lives so this is important to them.

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