A list of the worst things a woman has done on the first date

The dating field is a murky one for alot of single people, and worse when you have to plan dates.

A question was posed to netizens about their worst first date with a woman, and below are responses.

Told me that she was a virgin, but if that was a problem we could “work something out” twitter.com/thatdakari/sta…

she sent me the snap that was meant for her friends Neutral face

I went on a date with a girl once and she bought a urn with her dad ashes in it. She told me her dad went with her on every date she ever went on and that he still does.

While driving us to dinner, my phone (on vibrate) went off in my pocket. I look at the text and it is from my date sent to me accidentally saying ‘oh my God he’s so ugly’. I pull over to the gas station, hand her $2 to run in and get some lottery tickets and I drove the F off.

Worst date that made it to the end? Went to the movies with this girl, she lived close by. We stopped at her place and I offered her a foot rub. She took off her boots and the aroma of deviled eggs, vinegar, and just plain foot just saturated the air. Nauseated face

I planned an entire date out and when I relayed the plan to shorty, she responded to my text message with the thumbs up text message reaction. That was the last that she heard from me.

I probably had this one coming, but.. I made plans with this chick to meet up at the movies, we met and everything and hung out for a while and even made plans for the upcoming valentines day, and at the start of the movie she went to the restroom and never came back.

Met this women, we talked and it was dope for weeks, FaceTime all the time all that good shit.

For our first official date, i bought tickets to this museum/exhibit in nyc she really wanted to go too, flowers and sent her a Uber cause it’s far for her.

She stood me up Smiling face with tear

went to a rooftop bar she told the bartender no Vodka(didn’t know why) she agreed hr later bartender reveal she had given her vodka she tried to give a homeless woman to come stay at my house once in the uber she told driver she wasn’t getting out took his glasses. We’re on kid 3

I had to hold her back from fighting a waitress that “flirted” with me. Then she killed any ego boost I would’ve gotten by letting me know I wasn’t that cute – she just didn’t like people trying her. Then we get back on the road and she hands me the tip I had left for the girl

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