A list of the things your current bae doesn’t want to hear about your ex

Dear KOT, there’s alot that your current bae does not want to hear about your ex.

Especially in this era of cheating and backstabbing.

Here is my list of what you should never tell you boyfriend/girlfriends about your ex.

First, If you are a girl, don’t tell your new man that your exe made good money. This may be a hint to bae that you think he is broke, and make him feel less of a man.

Secondly, your new bae doesn’t need to know that your exe is doing just fine in life after the breakup. Does this mean you still keep in touch? Telling your new bae this information creates doubt that you may be sneaking around.

If your new man/woman takes you to a restaurant you frequented alot with the exe, kindly don’t mention it. No one needs to know that he always brought you there. Actually find a way to suggest going to another eatery.

The third is telling your current boyfriend/girlfriend that the chain or item you are wearing was bought by the exe. This suggests you still have an attachment tot he exe. Infact don’t mention who gave you the item.

Fourth don’t ever tell your current bae about the investment goals you previously had. Perhaps your current bae has suggested you look at buying a ka plot, then you let it slip that your exe had also the same plans. Nobody needs to hear this.

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