A list of pros and cons of living separately while married


When you are married but neither one of you wants to move in together, what do you do?

Each lives in their own home. That’s what we are learning from an interview that Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru does not live with her husband Kamotho Waiganjo.

They live in separate homes and get together on Sundays.

Here are the pros and cons of this marriage model.

Pros of Living Apart Together

  • More alone time, especially if you had a previous marriage
  • Your own space to do with as you please
  • A greater appreciation for one another
  • Appreciate siegz more
  • Reduces irritation and bitterness that comes from living with a loved one
  • Makes the relationship more interesting
  • Less likely to sacrifice their own interests for the happiness of the other
  • Fewer reasons and time for arguing
  • The ability to have companionship without being smothered by one another
  • Less conflict
  • More independence

Cons of Living Apart Together

  • It costs more to maintain two households if you have the same investments
  • Trust issues and Infidelity suspicions. Many responded that they wonder what Anne and Kamotho do on
  • weekdays before hooking up
  • You cannot have face to face chats about marital strife
  • If your spouse is sick, who takes care fo them at night in moments of need?

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