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A list of cheeky names of places in Mombasa that has King’ang’i hollering


You will have a hard tiem keeping  astraight face when pronouncing these names.

If you are using public transport in Mombasa and have to ask the makanga to drop you off in these places, then you are likely to have a good laugh.

The names are sure to make you laugh out loud according to Classic 105 co host Mwalimu King’ang’i who said he has a hard time telling anyone about those places.

Mwalimu asked Maina if the person naming these stages just decided to have a little fun on the job?

“We need to change some of those names, they have built a very big highway but the name I’m struggling even to explain to wazungu, ati dongo kundu, the road is big but the name ati a small buttock, can we think about those names please?

“Can we think about these names please? ” Here is a list of some names he mentioned.

1. Dunge Unuse in Likoni –  Uhmm in Kiswahili this is nasty.

2. Mwembe Mavi

3. Kaza Ndani

4. Stage ya Paka

5. Stage ya mafisini

6. Dongo Kundu

Maina as well was tickled and also agreed that he has never thought much of it, but now that Mwalimu has spoken about it ‘I can’t unsee it’.
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