A List Of Celebrity Babies We Are Looking Forward To Meeting (Photos)

Mtoto ni baraka, and kila mtoto hukuja na sahani yake are some of the popular Kiswahili sayings Kenyans use to refer to newborns.

This year several female celebrities have revealed they are expecting bundles of joy. From Papa Shirandula’s actress Awinja to Fashionistas’ This Is Ess and Annabel Onyango, here is a list of female celebs whom we’re excited are preggas and we simply can’t wait to see their bundle of joys.

1.Jacky Vyke, popularly known as Awinja on the TV hit show Papa Shirandula. While it’s not known how far along she is. it’s safe to say it’s anytime soon. She has been winning the hearts of many on social media, with her cute pregnancy photos.


2. Sharon Mundia, also known as This Is Ess. This popular fashionista has a blog that team mafisi cannot get enough of. News of her engagement to her fiancé, and eventual nuptials created a frenzy and many hearts were also broken at the same time.


3. Annabel Onyango. This fashion stylist did her best to hide her pregnancy for a while after a little bird whispered to us that she could be pregnant, months after her wedding to Sauti Sol’s manager Marek. Well I guess it’s hard to hide good news and she did post a photo displaying her cute baby bump.


4. Chimami, the beautiful girlfriend to singer VicMass LuoDollar, the popular ‘Pesa Otas’ singer. The two lovebirds confessed their relationship to us a while back when he was in our offices to release a new song. The two also flaunted her baby bump, but they have gone silence since then.



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