A list of bizarre hangover cures from around the world

A new test based on 100 traditional remedies from around the world, promise to ease your throbbing head and reduce your urge to vomit – although some are so unusual they might well make you feel worse.

Back in ancient Roman times, for instance, they believed deep frying a canary was the best way to cure you of your hangover, but it’s probably best not to try this one at home.

The test works by asking you on a scale of one to five how hungover you are.

You can then tick a box to see if you eat meat and fish, and answer yes or no to the question: ‘If it will aid you in your recovery, could you stand the idea of more drink?’

The test by Ebookers will then generate a hangover cure from around the world that it claims will be the best cure for your pain.

Country Hangover cure Definition
Australia Pie Floater Meat pie served in mushy pea soup
Australia Green Ant Tea Tea made from green ants
Ancient Egypt Necklace of Chamaedaphne Leaves Wearing a garland of laurel leaves
Estonia Vodka socks Drenching your socks in vodka
Germany Rollmops Rolled pickled herrings
Ancient Greece Owl eggs and sheep lungs Eating these unusual ingredients was thought to be a cure
Guatemala Picocita Beer containing chopped up onion, jalapeno, vinegar, lime, water, salt and Worcestershire sauce
Haiti Voodoo Stick pins in the cork of your wine bottle
Hungary Sparrow droppings in brandy Don’t try this at home; it’s likely to make you ill
Iceland Sviðasulta Cold cut of meat made from sheep’s head
Ireland Buried in sand Try burying yourself in sand to cure your hangover
Italy Dried bull penis Exactly what it says on the tin
Medieval England Raw eels and bitter almonds An unusual combination
Medieval England Vinegar body wash They don’t sell this at The Body Shop
Mongolia Pickled sheep eye in tomato juice Sometimes called a ‘Mongolian Mary’
Native America Swilling sweat after a run Swill sweat around your mouth after going for a run
Russia Shot of olive oil It won’t taste pleasant
Scotland Irn Bru Sausages Sausages made with orange fizzy drink Irn Bru
South Africa Sheep’s brain Eating this part of the sheep may cure your hangover
Vietnam Tape on the forehead If nothing else, you’ll look hilarious



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