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‘A good man must be shared’ Former Senator tells romantic husband who treats her like a queen 


Back in January 2019, former nominated Senator Daisy Nyongesa celebrated her birthday in a lavish affair.

Her husband hosted family and friends to a feast fit for a king in Webuye.

And yes she shared photos and details (below) of the lavish birthday on Facebook, praising her man for being so romantic.

‘Welcome Home Prince’ Nominated Senator Daisy Nyongesa proclaims after giving birth

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Nine months later, Daisy Nyongesa is returning the favor to her sweet hubby, as he celebrates his birthday. But things are a little different. There is no party, just a rather ‘liberating’ message to him on Facebook.

Happy birthday my sperm donor. Happy birthday father to my children. In spite of the low moments we are in, I thank God for the children you have given me by birth and naturalization. Ulete wote, wajuane, wazoena, wagrow pamoja.

Wakunyemelea, nyemeleeni tu! A good man must be shared. After all atarudi tu nyumbani.

In the meantime, the Panpaper Queendom is very very safe.

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Daisy Nyongesa somehow always manages to grab our attention when there are big moments in her life. She has shared tips on how women should treat their husbands when it comes to bedroom matters. she does not to shy away from it.

‘The bed must be fragranced and she should massage him. Then start being a scientist and break the waist (kutegua kiuno),’ she once wrote on Facebook..

The two lovebirds also caused a scene, when she gave birth to their son in 2018. In August that year, Daisy delivered a baby boy at the Nairobi Hospital, and her man went all out to take her home. He hired a limo to take the new mum home. Her politician husband Nabii Nabwera, brought business to a standstill after he chauffeured his wife in a limousine.

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