A Father’s Love: Tina Kaggia Reveals Why Her Dad Made Her Cry When She Was Young

Mid-morning radio presenter Tina Kaggia is one of the most popular local celebrities in the media industry and her mellow voice keeps listeners glued to her show.

Tina Kaggia is not only a radio presenter but also a loving wife to popular comedian JB Masanduku, real name, Nathan Kimani, and a caring mother to 3 beautiful children.

The first born daughter, who is book smart, is from a previous relationship while the other two, a handsome boy, who turned two years old a few days ago, and the newest addition to the family, a cute baby girl, who’s around 6 months now.

Tina, hubby and her second born

Tina Kaggia appreciates and loves her family, but there is another person who owns her heart, and that’s her loving father. The humble radio presenter took time to appreciate her young-looking dad and celebrate him during Father’s Day.

In the long post, she also revealed how she used to wail when her father would travel and how she would not stop crying either when he came back. Read the touching message below:

When I was about 2 years old my paps went to Mombasa on a business trip for about a week. From what I gather, I cried the entire time and would not eat.The day he came back I was so excited that all I could do was cry.lol. Mpaka I was sweating.That’s how much I love this man.The most humble,caring God fearing, wise person I have ever met.I thank God for him. #HappyFathersDay

How sweet! Well, meet Tina Kaggia’s father who looks nothing like his age, below;




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