Mercy Masika

‘A delayed salon appointment saved my life from the Dusit attack ‘ – Mercy Masika

When Mercy Masika sang the song ‘Mwema’ she never in her life imagined that those words would ring true one day, but now they have and in a big way.

Mercy is among those who were lucky enough to survive the Dusit attack, as she was to be there for a meeting but God had other plans for her.


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She together with Jalang’o had a meeting with a client, but since Jalang’o was in another meeting he got to the next meeting a bit late and couldn’t find a parking space so he double parked.

It took some time before his car was moved and a few minutes after Mercy left, news broke that Dusit was under attack.

Speaking about the issue, Mercy stated that in as much as she felt that she was being delayed for her salon appointment, the delay was more of a blessing.

“I’m grateful. It looked like a delay but it was a blessing. And also the people in the salon were ok, so it’s really a good thing. It was more like hurry up but then there were a lot of people to socialize with hapo. Of course I was feeling the delay but then I was kinda chatting with people. Later I was like haiya we delayed there, but we felt like it was God who protected us.”

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mercy masika


As for those affected by the attack, Mercy prayed that God will comfort them and their families.

“We pray for comfort especially for those who’ve lost family members. It’s really painful and we pray that God will comfort them.”

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