A Boy Or a Girl? Find Out The GENDER Of Awinja’s Unborn Baby

Papa Shirandula’s celebrated actress Awinja is with no doubt one of the best actresses in the Kenyan entertainment industry, portraying her hilarious character on the Citizen TV show.

Awinja, real name Jacky Vike is known by her fans as a rugged Luhya lady from the countryside who works for a Nairobi family, Wilbroda and Papa Shirandula, which is one of the funniest TV series.

WOW! Awinja’s Pregnancy Has Come With BLESSINGS Galore, Her Latest DEAL Will Leave You Green With Envy

But off the camera, Awinja is a beautiful and sassy lady who is a lover of fashion and all things style, not forgetting her amazing, toned body.

Jacky Vike recently revealed that she’s expecting a child after unveiling her grown baby bump with amazing photos that became an online sensation for days.


The actress has since been flaunting her pregnancy and I have to say she’s one of the most beautiful female celebrities with baby bumps I have seen in Kenya, and the best part, she has been able to control her weight through the months.

Her fellow actresses and friends recently surprised her with a colorful baby shower, with a white and yellow theme. Some of the film stars that attended included; Naomi Nganga, Damaris Matunda, Chantelle, and radio host Shix Kapyenga.

Papa Shirandula Actress Awinja Celebrates Baby Shower In Style (Photos)

Awinja has not officially revealed the gender of her unborn daughter, but from the gifts, she got at the shower, one can find out.


Jacky Vike received blue-themed gifts, from blankets to baby clothes and also from the blue cake, it looks like she may be expecting a baby boy.

Well, hopefully, it wasn’t just a publicity stunt to get us confused, but sources revealed that her bundle of joy may be a boy. Keep it here as we follow up since she’s due by the end of May.



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