9 things women do when flirting with a workmate


If you’re currently in this situation and unsure whether you’re imagining things or not, check out these sure-fire signs she’s flirting with you at work.

From eye contact, smiling, to laughing at your lame jokes watch out for these  signs she’s flirting with you at work:


1. She greets you every morning without fail

2. She always asks about your weekend or what you did that evening

3. She tells you about her weekend and evening

4. She always tries to get the seat next to you

5. She always offers to help and collaborate

6. She asks you to do things together outside of work

7. She asks you to go to lunch

8. She brushes into you when walking by

9. She sings your praises to other coworkers

If a woman is flirting with you at work, then she is going to treat you differently. Some signs are subtle yet others super obvious. So be on the lookout for these signs.

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