9 Important activities that you need to do before sleeping

It is very important to have a peaceful rest especially after a long day of working. This really helps your body to relax and gave some peace of mind.

Tokeo la picha la sleeping

These are some of the things to do before going to bed;

Wear appropriate bed attire

Preferably light sleeping attire. Avoid wearing tight garments as they tamper with your blood and air circulation while sleeping.

Make peace with everyone

At times you may get not to have a second chance to make amends the next day. It is not good for a person to sleep sad because of something you said or did to them. Make peace with everyone before sleeping as it might be the last time with them.

I did not rape her or sleep with her! DK Kwenye Beat speaks of scandal

Turn off you phone

This is to avoid any unnecessary calls that you might receive at night that may deny you a peaceful sleep.


Freshen up before going  to bed. Have a warm bath to make you feel more lively after a busy day at work.

‘I am sleeping with 3 other men yet I am married and pregnant,’ brags woman

Plan the next day

Always plan how you will carry on your next day activities before sleeping.

Wash your face

It is important to wash your face before going to bed. More so for those who wear makeup. Cleanse, tone your skin before getting to bed. This is to prevent your skin from getting acne and rashes.

Tokeo la picha la washing the face

Eat healthy

Don’t eat too close to bedtime. Experts recommend you eat by 6pm, as digestion slows down. Your heaviest meals should be during the day.

‘Karma has caught up with me for sleeping with married men’ Cries woman


Times get difficult and a lot of things happen during the day including death or sickness. When you get a chance to finish the day well, it is important to thank God for his mercies.

Picha inayohusiana



Do some exercises to keep you healthy and fit. During the day you may engage in activities that will make you feel exhausted at the end of the day. This will help your body to freshen up before going to sleep.

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