8 Things millennial’s will never experience like the rest of us

If you were born in the 90’s era you know how fun and rough childhood life was.

Here re some life experiences millenials are missing out on simply because times have changed.

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1. There was only one TV in the whole neighborhood and wrestling was the only program the owner of the TV allowed people to watch. The TV set was black and white and had an extended back, powered with a wet battery.


Once it ran out of charge you had to take it to the nearest center and wait for a whole three days to have it recharged again. That power was enough to run the TV for about two weeks.

2. Uchokozi – those days kids were rough. They were used to the daily beatings. Your neighbor had the right to give you a beating if they found you in the wrong and still report you to your mum which warranted an extra thrashing.

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3. Kids ate soil and none of them ever got sick. How they survived only God can tell.

4. Whenever it rained, and better still with the hailstones, it was the best playing hour. One of the common games to play with the hailstones was to put it under the armpits and see for how long you’d hold it. Hailstones were to be eaten. Crushing those freezing stones and still not hurting our teeth.


5. Kids back then swam in the ever flowing rivers. They swam naked without caring who saw them. Kids nowadays can’t even pee in the presence of their parents. It’s modern privacy. Those rivers are now gone thanks to increased deforestation.

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6. Some of the games kids played then include; dodge ball (nowadays called katty) marble game and playing house (cha mama) Technology has now killed this games. Kids are obsessed with video games and playing with their parents’ phones.


7. One of most enjoyable memories was spending Saturday and Sunday afternoon in a video show listening to movies told in local languages.  The best narrator, DJ Afro, had every kid in thrills with those screeches that accompanied the action packed movies. Some of the kids however were not allowed as it was one of the places drugs and adult content was easily available.

8. Every village boy owned at least five dogs. The boys would converge at their favorite spot, each accompanied with his pack of dogs and they would head to the forest to hunt. These dogs had the highest level of intelligence. No dog feasted on what it had caught. It would take it back to the owner. The dogs would hunt and kill hares or antelopes.


Most of us will live to tell of the 90’s childhood.

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