8 things a dad should write in a letter to his daughter


If I had a daughter this is what I would tell her.

And to other dads or dads to be feel free to borrow from me.

1. Express your love for your daughter

A daughter can never have enough reassurance of love from dad. Recently after Kobe Bryants death, a hashtag about #girldad went viral. Many dads shared images of them with their daughters, and sweet captions. I can assure you nothing makes a daughter feel more reassured and appreciated that this love.
Here’s a piece I wrote that you can borrow.

2. Reassure her that you believe in her
That she can do all that she dreams of, and she can work hard and above all you trust her.

3. Tell her that you think she’s beautiful
Owing to self esteem and insecurity issues, girls face today, a father must assure his daughter that she is beautiful both inside and outside. Tell her just like her mother, she really is going to be just as beautiful as you say she is.

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4. Assure her that she makes your heart burst with pride

If she makes you proud dad, tell her in all ways. for instance she could have helped her mother aroudn the house and youtell her so many words. basically affirm th compassion, it makes my heart burst with pride.

5. Tell her about how you cried tears the day she was born
A father holding his child for the first time feels so many good emotions. Tell her you haven’t stopped remembering the day she was born, and she was the most beautiful baby ever.

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6. Tell her about not settling for less
So many girls in this day and age settle for second best, and only later in life do they say how much time they have wasted.

As a dad your role is to tell her in words that “Don’t ever settle for second best.”

7. Tell her in words to treat her body with respect

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8. Lastly remind her that she can always come to you when she needs help

This reminds me of the time when Jacque Maribe was in jail and her dad was her number one supporter, always hugging her and holding her cheeks assuring her all will be well. He won hearts by Kenyans impressed how he was there for his daughter no matter what.

Children fear their fathers when something goes wrong in life, and would not approach them.

In the letter tell you daughter that she can always come to you no matter what and that you will figure things out together.

Also add that whatever she has done will never stop loving her.


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