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8 predictable but absolutely common lies men tell in relationships

There are many reasons why he might lie; either he doesn’t want to hurt you with the truth, he wants to avoid drama, he wants to impress you or he thinks you won’t appreciate him being honest.

So let’s get down to the list of lies he and others obviously tell women. Kubali kudanganywa ladies.

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  1. I’ll be home in 20 minutes: He always has to make a quick stop, but he also knows that not telling you his whereabouts is a tricky matter, and so the excuse of I’ll be there in 20 minutes arises. Quick question though girls. Do we always have to know everything bae does and at what time. This kind of reminds me of Size 8 who pesters and nags husband Dj Mo with incessant phone calls. Chill, he will be home.liesmeme
  2.  Just go have fun babe: Because his male ego is so fragile, he can’t fathom you going out and enjoying without him.  To hide this, he will encourage you by saying ‘ Just go have fun, I trust you’ . It’s lies. He is a wreck thinking about all those hottie men out there hitting on you and he is going nuts.

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  3. She’s just a friend, nothing else: Big eye roll. 4387-anim
  4. It’s not you. I just have a lot of stuff going on:
    It actually is about you and your relationship. You are not part of his plans just yet. Try and find out what the real problem is because if issues are swept under the carpet, he becomes more withdrawn.

    My ex lied he slept in a matatu from 7pm to 4am to hide an affair

  5. I’ll call you: Wauuz this is the mother of all lies girls. How many times has your man  – crush, boyfriend or whatever you call him, not called you when they said they would? 492384298-anim
  6. I’ll leave my wife for you: He does this for the benefit of your self esteem.
  7. I don’t think your thighs are too big: This one I must admit we do pile on the pressure for them to tell us we are skinny. Girl simply stop asking him if you are fat or thick, or whatever sensitive words we should be using in this cancel culture of 2020.
  8. Your the only girl I talk with: So why is he texting her?  If he bluntly tells you that you are the only girl who he is with at the moment, please do not fall for it siz.

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