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8 Lessons Dj Soxxy’s wife has learnt in marriage

DJ Soxxy and wife Ciiku wa soxxy have celebrated their 8th year in marriage with a trip to Dubai.

They are one of the celebrity couples who have given other young couples something to admire in marriage.

Ciiku wa Soxxy took to her social media to pen a long beautiful message to hubby which read;

#tbt❤️ To 8years ago when I chose to stick by this guy @djsoxxy..

Before I got married, I read somewhere ‘marriage is not for the faint of heart’ and I thought kwani how hard is marriage..


It’s the only institution you get a certificate before you even start the course….

Some of you have inboxed me and requested I do my 8 lessons in 8years and I will take up the challenge..

May it be interactive and let’s all learn from each other…

Look out for my next post #1of8 
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The long lesson post read,

I started my marriage journey by standing in front of God and man. So God should always be an important person in your marriage. Looking back and seeing the toughest bumps we have crossed or overcome.. I doubt we would still be standing were it not for God. 

It’s important for you as the wife to have your own spiritual nourishment, for the husband his own, for the 2 of you together, for the children individually and for the whole family together.

Prayer has calmed me when all I wanted to do was yell, prayer has sorted out stuff even before I knew what was coming my way and prayer has healed us when we didn’t know whether healing would occur. So I can’t emphasize this enough… Pray, seek God all the time. 

Some lady contacted me asking me how can I make my husband do date nights with me and I told her you can’t make or change him, pray about it.

I could tell that’s not the answer she wanted to hear, she contacted me around 3/4 months later she prayed about it everyday and God started moving and they were doing their 3rd date night.

Guess we love to complicate things, overthink, over analyze.. Relax and just Put God in it… #1of8#marriageshouldthrivenotsurvive#marriageworks#marriageisworkbutworthit



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