7 Things you do that negatively affect your life

To be a successful person in life you need to be a realistic and hardworking person to achieve your dreams. However there are some things that people do that are killing them slowly without knowing.

Tokeo la picha la stress

They include;

Being unrealistic

You should set goals that are realistic or easy to attain. Do not expect to buy a car the next morning without having a job. Once you set such goals and you fail to attain them, you will end up blaming yourself or even people surrounding you.

Taking things for granted

When you assume that anything can happen anytime, you will never be productive. Always be positive minded and expect the best of results. When you think of the worst, you will end up losing hope in life.

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Judging people

Avoid being judgmental at all costs. When you develop the act of judging yourself and friends, it means it means you have negative qualities in yourself and others. You will never gain anything in life if you do not have faith in yourself.


Proud people never take correction positively because they always think they are right. When you are proud, you will be having no one to guide you, killing yourself productive wise.

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When you don’t have confidence in yourself, no one will have one in you. You have to prove that you are capable of doing it so as people have faith in you.

Complaining about everything

When you complain often, it could indicate you are sad. This means that your mind is filled with negativity as you will always be opposing on anything.

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Being bossy

Being humble is the key to being successful. When you want to control everyone and everybody around you, you may end up making a mistake that will make you feel guilty or unworthy.

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