7 things you didn’t know about dance hall singer Redsan


Dance-hall singer Redsan was recently interviewed by Churchill and revealed so much information about himself that we never knew.

Here is some things you did not know about the singer, who I might add is a very private man

1. People think he was born in South B, as he sings alot about the area, but originally he was born and brought up in Eastlegih.

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2. He has 13 other siblings. 13 are boys and 1 sister, whom he says the brothers are very protective of. Redsan is the 13th born.He told Churchill that “we had a good childhood, yani it’s not like we were dirt poor coz when I was growing up my parents made everything balanced hakuwa na mahustles mob, everyoen did house chores and we were very protective of our sister, upto today,  we were watchful”

3. While living in South B, his dad a Muslim was very generous and neighbors always streamed to their home for freebies. His father is a businessman-cum-politician. He admitted that “My parents were very popular in South B we had random visitors, malegends”


4. He is the only one who is in the music industry in the family, the rest of the siblings are in other industries. HE said “I am the only one in music, and stared very young at star search with Susan Kibokosi, then I like dancehall and I vowed to stick to this genre”

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5. He is married with four children. “The first born is turning 9,6,4 and then 2 years the boy, he pelekas me mbio”

6. He will never get rid of his trademark durag. He said about it “durag is very important to my brand. Some people come up with a brand ahalafu unaichilia, at one point and then it kinda like loses the flavor. I decided from the word go to come up with a different style na ni stick nayo so hata mtu akicheki umecopy for example mtu anajua ah hiyo ni style ya Redsan”

7. He always wanted to be a soccer player. His ambitions started with an under 17 team where sadly due to injury he quit the sport and focused on music. He said ” I think that time we were playing for NAirobi University copa cup,  with different teams, I think like twelve teams, then the team that wins wanakuwa selected wanaingia Harambee Stars, so tumecheza dimba buda. I didn’t advance because I got an injury ya magoti”


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