7 Things women should do during the Russia World Cup 2018 period to avoid boredom

The world Cup is set to begin from June 14th through to July 15th 2018.

If your bae loves football, and you are scratching your head wondering how to keep occupied, don’t worry, we got you sorted.

And this doesn’t involve embarassing him with silly questions and answers, like why Wanyama isn’t playing.

Here are 10 things women can do to keep themselves entertained;


1. Treat yourself to a spa

This is the time to treat your self to a nice spa day. It would do you good during this period.

2. Try new recipes

Remember that carrot cake you have been dying to bake and that new recipe you saw on You Tube? Yes? Hop on it, and let your man enjoy his time.

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3. Start a new project

This is the best time to start that farming project and chicken rearing project you have been dying to start. Do it as a way of keeping yourself active and testing your entrepreneurial skills.

4. Don’t nag

The temptation to nag and be a nuisance to your man might be high during this period but before you do that just think twice and keep yourself busy. Lest you end up team single when the World Cup ends.

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5. Get internet connection in the house

The only way to avoid confrontations with your better half is to get some internet connections at home to keep up to date with the latest movies, series or gossip on the internet. This is also the best time to Skype with your long distance relatives

6. Meet up with the girls

This is the best time to link up with your girls and have a few drinks. Chow down with nyamchom.

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7. Visit your family

This is the best time to visit your family, either immediate or extended family. Take this opportunity to get to know your family and bond with your mother in law.

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