7 things that’ll help you deal with a break up

We’ve heard a number of stories where people committed suicide or murdered their partners after they broke up with them.Others are even in jail because their anger made them commit a crime as they could not get over the break up. No one ever wants to get dumped, but in most cases prefer doing the dumping but again you don’t have control over that and when you get dumped, well you need to suck it up, shake it off and get moving because your significant other will definitely do so. If you really want to accept and move on, well there are a number of things that can help you do exactly that.

1.) Delete all your love conversations 

By delete I mean wherever they are, either on social media, on your phone, just get rid of them. Well if you don’t you’ll emotionally be frustrated and constantly be looking at them and so you may end up doing something irrelevant. Constantly staring at these messages can really affect you emotionally and make it longer for you to move on.Yes, memories are made of that but it’s over and you need to accept and move on. So simply delete everything even if you wrote each other love letters, burn them and if they were emails, just trash them. Letting go of all these will help you control your emotions.

2.) Stop constantly calling and texting them

When someone says its over between us. Please understand the statement and try and accept that things did not work out and move on. Constantly calling them and even texting and their failure to respond can really be frustrating, but you need to tell yourself, if they don’t call nor text me then am no longer important to them and so I should stop wasting my time. Some people can really be nagging asking for forgiveness yet it’s written on the wall that they’ll never be a you and me again.

3.) Find someone to let it out on

Get me right, I’m not talking about a friend with benefits, if anything you should keep off such people at that time as they are capable of emotionally ruining you. Find a friend you can trust and you can always call so that whenever you can’t take it anymore, you can simply call or text them and they can hear you out. Keeping it to yourself can lead to depression, which may affect your work and even result in you committing suicide. So let it out on someone you can trust and can advise you appropriately.

4.) Find a distraction 

Look for something to keep you busy as an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. If you keep watching romantic movies even two months after the break up and stare at his or her photo then cry and refuse to eat, well that’s not the right distraction. If you love swimming, please do so, if you love hiking do it, JUST DO ANYTHING TO GET YOUR MIND OFF THEM.

5. ) Avoid staying alone

Being a loner makes you think and then cry a lot and lead to all the wrong ideas and emotions. Always find yourself in the company of the right people,  not people who’ll make you drink your heart out though or smoke weed and all sort of things they think are antidepressants.This is because if you want to heal, you need to deal with the issue and taking drugs to forget will instead turn you into a drug addict.You can’t run away from the truth which is you are trying to recover from a break up.

6.) Get rid of everything you held as precious in that relationship

These are basically material stuff. Rings,clothes and perhaps even jewellery like promise rings as they can make you still feel attached to this person each time you wear them or even see them around your house or closet. I know it won’t be easy as some gifts come a long way and were quite expensive but you really need to let go and move on. So simply work on saying good bye to these stuff.

7.) Social media manenos

Delete those photos and change your facebook status. Nowadays posting relationships on social media is a big thing. People love to show off how their relationships are progressing. Well the same time you took to post this stuff please use it to delete that photo and change your status. All these are steps of acceptance and just in case in every step of the way its gets tougher and you are spiritual, then make a prayer.



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