7 Things You Shouldn’t Do On A First Date

We all know how awfully wrong or incredibly well a first date can go.

However, it all depends on what we do and say during the date that determines whether or not the date  will be great or terrible. Well there are things you should always avoid doing and saying on the first date as they will ruin it and make someone never want to see you again. Here is a list of 7 things you should avoid doing and saying.


1. Do not talk about your ex.
Talking about your ex on a first date can be quite the turn off. Nobody wants to know about your ex on a first date and you can be rest assured nobody cares to find out. Talking about your ex may give the wrong message as it will seem as though you are not over him or her to a point that you cant stop talking about it.

2. Do not go to a club.
Going out clubbing can be fun but in the event that you are going on a first date, you might want to pick a much more quiet place. You do not want to go in a noisy place only to compete to be heard over the loud music. Stick to a simple coffee, lunch or dinner where you can get to see and talk properly without any interruptions.

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3. Handle your liquor.
If you happen to order for drinks be it wine, keep it classy. Do not drink to a point you are drunk or too tipsy as it may send the wrong message. Don’t drink too much and keep your composure at all times. You most certainly don’t want your date thinking you get drunk every time you go out given you got drunk on a first date.

4. Avoid picking your nose.
There is nothing more disgusting than a guy or girl who picks their nose on a date. While this habit may be done unconsciously sometimes, it is wise to avoid it at all costs.
picking your nose

5. Avoid being too touchy.
It is a first date and being too touchy may come off the wrong way. You most certainly do not want your date to think of you as a pervert or simply trying to get into her pants. For women you may come off looking like a slut for that matter. So don’t cross the line on date one and if you two already have a connection the most you can go for is a kiss when saying good bye.

6. Do not question your date too much.
Remember you are on a date not a quiz of some sort. If there are questions that you need to ask, don’t ask them all at once. Ask one and let your date further elaborate on the topic at hand then ask the next question or let them be the ones to ask next. That way both you and your date will get to know things about each other.

7. Keep an open mind.
People are different and therefore they have different values in life that vary from one person to another. It is important that you listen to their opinions and thoughts without turning it into an argument simply because it conflicts with what you believe. You asked her out on a date and not a debate so hear her out and move on to something you both can agree on and talk about. Finding common ground and things you both enjoy doing is the only way you can make the date work as you will have something to talk about.


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