7 Things Maina Kageni Promised Mwalimu King’ang’i but never delivered

Mwalimu King’ang’i is a complaining man this morning, he says that his co-host Maina Kageni makes promises that he doesn’t keep. Mwalimu who comes to studio bearing gifts every morning including bananas and oranges for Maina is concerned that he may never receive any of the things he has been promised.

Here is a list of things which, according to Mwalimu,  Maina promised but never delivered.

1. He promised to pay gym membership for Mwalimu after noting his ever growing belly, he is yet to.

2. After Maina got his Manchester United branded Chevrolet, he promised to buy Mwalimu a car.

3. He also promised to gift Mwalimu Sh100,000 every Friday for business.

4. Maina also promised to buy Mwalimu the PRC land that he sells and advertises on air.

5. Mwalimu says that he hopes to spend some holiday in Miami like Maina once promised but he is still waiting.

6. He also promised to take Mwalimu to Zanzibar for a weekend.

7. Maina also promised to buy Mwalimu new shoes.

Will Maina ever fulfill any of the promises he has made to Mwalimu? Only time will tell

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