Emotionally Divorced: 7 signs your wife has checked out of the marriage


Fellas, if you are looking at your wife taking her role as a mother and wife without complaining, do not for one minute think she is happy in her marriage.

She isn’t.

Confessions by women on the Classic 105 morning topic revealed that many absolutely no longer have respect for their husbands owing to terrible things you have done to her and never apologized or taken responsibility for.

Many men lose their wives but never realize that the wife has emotionally divorced him.


An emotional divorce occurs when one partner is so fed up, he or she simply disconnects.

Here are 7 signs:
1. It seems like she has changed overnight: The truth is fellas, all the things you have done to her, have taken time and she has ignored all these things for too long and reached a point of no return.

2. She says she is ok and doesn’t have anything to talk about: It’s a fact that women love to argue, but when a woman is not even willing to talk about a problem, it may be too late – she has already become emotionally distant. Relationships

3. When she doesn’t touch you anymore, not even a hug: She is done fellas. When your wife shows a total lack of physical intimacy (not just in the bedroom, but in everyday life), then the connection you once had may be gone.

4. When the only thing she talks to you about are the kids or keeping the household running, there may not be a real connection between the two of you anymore.

5. If your wife is at a point where she uses any opportunity to criticize, point out your mistakes, or sounds pretty sarcastic and worse belittles you in public, fellas she is done, her foot is out the door.Black-married-couple-down-low

6. When she doesn’t ask where you are going, doesn’t call you to check up on you, she is done with you. We all know women can incessantly call to ask where you are to a point of it sounding like harassment, but if she den’t check up on you, she has emotionally divorced you.

7. When she doesn’t care to hang out with you there is a problem. In the beginning of your relationship, you probably couldn’t bear to go anywhere without your partner. As time passed and children came into the relationship, it became more natural that you both do things without the other, at least from time to time. When your plans virtually never involve your partner or his or her plans virtually never involve you, there is a lack of connection in your relationship.



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