7 signs December babies are lucky, according to science

Having a December birthday may seem like a chore, what with everyone being preoccupied in the run-up to Christmas and any big day plans potentially clashing with festive occasions.

But according to science, being a December baby also has its perks.

Many studies have found that those born on the 12th month are more likely to be healthier and athletic, and even end up in high-paid jobs.

Here are seven examples of December babies being luckier than they might think.

They can grow really, really old
The Journal of Aging Research, which found that months of birth have a ‘significant long-lasting effect on survival’, cites a German study which found that December babies were more likely to grow to the ripe old age of 105 than those born in any other month. That’s a lot of birthday cakes!

Which will mean plenty of early starts
December babies catch the proverbial worm. So say two studies, one which found that winter babies get up earlier, while the other said winter babies go to sleep earlier than their summer and spring counterparts.

They’ll take care of your pearly whites
According to data extrapolated from the last census, babies born in December were more likely to grow up to be dentists.

The study also said that messiahs, both secular and religious, were more likely to be born in December.

…And bring home Olympic gold
Autumn babies are fitter, faster and stronger than babies born in other months, according to the International Journal of Sports Medicine, with December and October children coming in just behind those born in November.

One theory for why autumn and winter babies are fitter than their spring and summer counterparts is that they are exposed to more vitamin D during the mother’s pregnancy.

According to the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Vienna, men born in the winter months are more likely to be left-handed than those born at other times of the year. However, parents of girls born in December don’t have to pre-order left-handed can-openers or scissors, the study found that there was no increase in the likelihood of left-handedness in women.

They are calmer
Winter babies are ‘significantly less prone to irritable temperament,’ according to the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology. It noted that summer babies were much more likely to exhibit cyclothymic temperament, which includes frequent mood swings between happy and sad, than winter babies.

And are less likely to contract major diseases
According to researchers at the Columbia University’s Department of Medicine, which looked at its 1.75 million patients born between 1900 and 2000, December babies are not likely to contract major diseases and have a lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease.

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