7 promises men make to women but they rarely keep


This is the one topic that Maina Kageni got riled about in the morning conversation. He wanted guys to answer if they just say it to make her feel good, or for a single moment did you really mean it?

From making promises about marrying you to saying he will love you till death do you part, here are 7 promises we hear all too often.

1.    I promise I won’t be jealous

Most of the time, this kind of promise doesn’t work out, but it’s very common among promises men make.

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2.    I promise I will never check out another woman
Jaber very nice. There are way too many beautiful Nairobi women for him not to stare and perhaps desire. Here’s the thing about a guy promising never to check out other girls: it’s probably not possible.

3.  I promise I will never judge you
There are times he wont understand you and let out these thoughts. When he exposes these thoughts, you girl are likely to get mad, therefore think he has broken a promise.



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4.   I promise I don’t talk to my ex
Thoughts about if he is still talking to his ex will be there, and should be taken with a pinch of salt.


Talking to the ex in any form is breaking a promise to your girl no matter the intention.

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5.  I promise to change my ways for you
He extends an olive branch when he does something wrong, and promises he has turned over a new leaf. Do you believe him?


Does he promise to vhange soon or does he ask for time (years) to do so. Cut him some slack and praise him for any small change he does. Appreciate his efforts no matter how small. But if he isn’t girl, kick him to the curb. The red flags are all there for you to see. He is not misleading you in any way.



7.   I promise to always love you and never leave you
Can we predict what will happen next month? No. 2020 is actually proving alot of things wrong. Things happen, people change and situations arise, maybe an entanglement.

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Just be aware, and live life for what it presents to you.


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