7 important travel items to pack when going for that trip!

We all love to travel right? Most times however, we don’t know what to carry for our travels, we get frustrated and carry excess luggage or not enough.

Here are 7 important things you need to carry for that trip

1. Extra money

Everyone knows that any travel is always a temptation to buy yourself new things like clothes, shoes, or earrings. At times we may not have budgeted for these things but we still end up wanting or buying them. This is where that extra money comes in handy.

Also think about all those new adventures that you would want to do and try out, a couple of them will need you to have that extra change in order to do them.



2. Extra clothes

Impromptu events like a cocktail or dinner may arise and what a shame it would be if you didn’t have a fancy dress. So pack with every occasion in mind, including clutch bags, or that stilletto.



3. Gadgets

Say you spot that rare Jaguar in the Kenyan wilderness, and don’t have a camera at hand. Yikes! What a missed opportunity. Remember to pack your camera plus batteries, or phone chargers. They are very important for your travel experience.

In addition, if you are going to a remote area, carry an extra phone for network and for retaining charge.



4. Moisturizer

You most certainly don’t want to look ashy, all because of eratic weather.  In addition, Don’t forget to drink water as you moisturize your body, hydrate your cells too.

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5. Essentials

This is basically anything you use on a daily basis like toothbrush, tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, lip balm, towel  a cap (In case you are going to a hot place or just to look cute.)




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6. Snacks

Let’s just admit it, snacks are normally to keep our mouths busy and our bodies unhealthy, but also there are healthy snacks that can be carried during a trip in case you don’t want to add calories or seem unhealthy.


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7. Entertainment

Whether it’s to keep your mind busy while en route to your destination, document your travels, or keep you entertained, having one of the items below could be your best travel companion.

Entertainment could be by carrying extra books to read, music, movies or whatever makes you happy while going for a trip.


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