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Every lady wants to stand out in one way or another: from how they walk to how they talk.  As a young woman, there are things that all women have in common.

These are things that all ladies should or own at least once. That is why we have listed 7 things that are a must have for ladies.

1. A pair of heels

Even if you wear them once a year, wearing high heels makes women more attractive, allowing them to be more choosy as it gives them power in addition to elegance. therefore heels are must have in your closet to wear for that dinner with your partner.

cover page and heels

2. A planner/ calender

Everyone should be able to be organized and know when they’re supposed to be at that lunch meeting, or dentist appointment. It’s good to be organized!


planner (1)3. A cute phone case cover

Even phone manufacturers are fighting their way to have phone phone cases made for their latest phones in the market. A cute phone case is really nice as it brings out the feminism in a lady.

A cute case cover is very classy and can bring a glow to someones personality and attitude.

image-2019-04-11 (6) (1)

4. A signature perfume

Ladies should know that how they smell has a lot to do with how people react to us, and it can also play a role in determining whether or not potential mates are attracted to us.

Smell, is directly connected to to ones emotions, memories and personality. Thus, it is important for a lady to have a signature perfume, one that touches the soul and mind.



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5. A small purse or a big handbag

Purses of all sizes play an important role in women’s lives. it is one of the necessities that a woman must have as it brings out the elegant side of lady especially when you pair it with that favorite dinner dress that is in the closet.



6. A dinner dress

A dinner dress is not only important because its elegant, the fit is also very essential as they tend to give grand entrance and not being comfortable shouldn’t be part of glamour.

Gowns also tend to leave an impression depending on how you wear it and how you pair it up with the accessories.



Expensive footwear worn by your favorite pastor

7. A nice lip gloss

Tired of chipped and cracked lips! If you want to give your lips a shiny and wonderful color you must have a lip gloss with you at all times. It gives your lips room to breath from all the layers of lipsticks one may have.

lip gloss22


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