7 Holiday skin-care tips to keep your skin looking its best


If you are traveling ladies, it’s important you take care of your skin. We tend to forget as we are caught up in enjoying family moments.

Below, we share our best holiday season skin-care tips for keeping your skin looking clear, stress-free and radiant this year.

1. Cleanse it

Start your morning off on a good note by cleansing your skin. This prevents breakouts, plus if you wantto put that foundation on, it will appear flawless. Try Garneir skinactive oil control complete. It costs Sh449.

2. Scrub your lips

Use sugar and lemon to scrub your lips to avoid dryness.

After this use a simple lip balm, and have many to put in the car, in your purse to avoid borrowing in these covid times. Travel can be drying to skin, especially on the lips where dryness is most evident, when you remove your mask.

Smooth skin
Smooth skin

4. Use toner

A simple soft smoothing toner like Garneir, costing Sh459 is effective. I have seen changes on my skin after using this.

5. Take off your makeup before sleeping

We cannot say it enough times, no woman should sleep in her makeup, no matter how late it is or how tired you are.  Miscellar water is affordable and ranges in the 500 bob range.

6. Water, water, water

Drink enough water throughout the day regardless of what you are doing. We are already sluggging down Gin and Tonic, so stay hydrated. Skin

7. Moisturize

Also hydrate your skin o the outside with moisturizer. Have you noticed skin care products like Amara moisturizing hand abd body lotion. It costs about Sh120. Affordable for every pocket. They have shea butter, coconut and others that we love.

8. Boost your radiance with Vitamin C

To help boost your skin’s radiance during the holidays and avoid dry or fatigued skin, I use Dr Rashel Vitamin C serum and it costs Sh300.

9. Hydrating face masks

I applaud you girls. I have seen so many of you use these hydrating face masks, and we love the glow up.

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