7 dirty games you didn’t know you were playing while dating


Well some of you know and do it intentionally, but playing games with each other is all too common and seems to be getting contagious.

If it’s confusing you and you’re having a hard time understanding what’s going on, here are some of the really terrible things people do in new relationships.

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  1. Not responding to texts quickly because of some rule that says you should wait for a period of timetexting
  2. Dating multiple people with the pretext you are on the lookout for the one
  3. Offering the person breadcrumbs of yourself instead of wholeheartedly being with someone. What this means is that the person you are with offers a piece of themselves to keep you around, just incase something else does not work out, they can still come back to you.
  4. Snooping around instead of asking. Ask them about any other relationships instead of stalking on social media, or harassing their friends for information about you and making the wrong conclusions.textinggif
  5. Intentionally making the other person jealous. If you are making yourself seem like every other girl or boy wants you to make them jealous, this is a dirty mind game you need to stop.
  6. Pretending to not be interested in the new person.
  7. Holding out on intimacy hoping to make the other person commit. Don’t use it as a prize, what if they finally get it and still chose to bounce? Then what!

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