7 benefits of hugging your spouse everyday


A study released in 2018, suggested that spouses should hug each other at least four times a day. How are you doing on this end?

Every Kenyan is talking about the hug athlete Eliud Kipchoge gave to his wife after finishing the INEOS challenge.

Most people are saying it didn’t show his appreciation for his bae being at the finishing line, and should have been more personal. See the picture below. What’s your opinion?

The marathoner hugging his wife
The marathoner hugging his wife

There is even a theory that Kalenjin men are discouraged from such closeness with their wives in public to wade off bad luck.

We hit the interwebs to find out the benefits of a hug, that all spouses should reconsider from today.

What Are the Benefits of Hugging?

Hugs reduce stress by showing your support. …

Hugs may protect you against illness. …

Hugs may boost your heart health. …

Hugs can make you happier. …

Hugs help reduce your fears. …

Hugs may help reduce your pain. …

Hugs help you communicate with others.


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