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6 types of women to avoid

To say the boy child is under siege in Kenya is an understatement.

So much is being thrown their way, leaving their heads spinning. Lately videos of dating on Kenyan TV station Ebru have gone viral. All because of the high standards set by lasses, who demand their fellas level up.

Here is a list I have put together of whom to date and whom not to when seriously dating. Thank me later.



This is the newest breed in the streets. They look very attractive, thanks to the tones of make up on their faces. These girls never keep calm, they flaunt their pretentious and fake life style on social media, and you might be tempted to think they live a lavish luxurious life. Slay queens will turn up at every party in town, forcing you to foot their expensive liquor bill. In reality, these girls will reap you the hard earned cash because they are what society calls lazy, and social climbers who want to reap where they didn’t sow.

  1. OLD JOY

She’sin her late twenties to early thirties, works in corporate, drives and she always puts her life in check. However, one very important thing is missing in their “lavish” life, A MAN.  Yes, at this age, they get desperate for s3x and appreciation. You will find them too good to be true. They will get you drinks on Friday, call you out for lunches and coffee dates but all this sweat is to just trap you. You shall soon end up being her s3x toy.


These types of girls are special. With the holier than though kind of attitude,g you  might end up making the worst decision in terms of dating especially those in the choir and praise and worship groups. Remember not all that glitters is gold. You might end up dating the devil himself.


Despite having a lot of advantages, like them occupying less space in bed, leaning comfortably on your chest, looking younger than their actual age, these girls can be trouble. They are Drama queens. Just like their height, most of the short girls are short tempered. No pun intended though, they are the loudest and are attention seekers.


These are the extra ordinary species of females, they love soccer too much to a point of chilling out late in the bars waiting for a match while the rest of the girls are indoors, helping with the domestic chores. Most of them drink and smoke like their fathers cheering at goals, arguing about who was right or wrong on the pitch. As a boy child, it is very easy to keep up with such a lady because you will always feel intimidated even around friends.


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