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6 tips Prof Hamo and Jemutai can use to successfully co parent


The way comedian Prof Hamo and Jemutai have been co parenting is a hot mess.

This is based on the venting both exes had, that led to them airing their frustrations online, allegations which elicited debate about how they are not managing their children’s affairs.

The back and forth escalated the tension, revealing they don’t have a co parenting plan.We won’t dwell on their claims, we are here to help.

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A co-parenting plan should address:

  • A contact or visitation schedule that each parents gets time to spend with the kids
  • The education plan for the children in terms of fee payment, school functions attendance plan
  • Financial plan of what each parent will take care of as is contained in the Children Act of Kenya
  • A plan for sorting out the children’s medical needs or concerns
  • How holidays and special events will be spent with both former exes
  • A solid decision-making guideline that considers other family members

Well for them the process has started with Churchill becoming a mediator. A third party in the case where the former couple are feuding, helps set the ground for successfully co parenting.

We hope these two parents can use these tips to. Dear Classic fam, do you have anymore they can use? Share below.


Let us all stay open-minded.

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