6 things that girls do that men consider dating red flags

They say when you are dating one must hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Kweli, rongo?

If she’s flaky, possessive, and high-drama that girl is toxic

We have all experienced and ignored red flags when dating. Don’t deny it. We all see those not so great things about the other person but overlook it.

Here are 6 red flags men look out for when trying to make something blossom into a serious relationship

    1. Kukula fare: This is a terrible habit that all lads are saying they can’t stand in us. Girls if you don’t want to see him, don’t kula fare and make mankind think all females are trash
    2. Replies the next day with ‘oh I was asleep’ response: But in all fairness, men do it too.

      Dating Kenyan women is a waste of time – men tell Mike Mondo

      3.When hanging out with him, you somehow never receive phone calls. If a guy has been consistently dating a girl, but she never recieves phone calls or notifications, is that even real? Perhaps she is hiding something, who knows?

4. Jealous rage. Having someone feeling a little jealous and protective of you can be flattering, but exhibiting extreme jealousy — especially very early on — can be alarming and a cause for concern. Jealousy often leads to fights and can even be bad for your mental health, so you’ll want to proceed with caution.

5. Rude girls. Dating a girl with serious emotional outbursts can be tricky.

6. Keeping him a secret. Every dude is worried whether he is your main man or the side kick. It’s a pretty big deal for fellas to be labelled yours and society told that he is your man. Imagine how many other people your bae has lied to in the same way? You may not be the only secret boyfriend.

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