6 things Receptionists do that will make you rethink your visit to a company



The first person of contact with a company or organization is usually a receptionist.

The way they treat visitors creates a lasting impression for many.

Some personality traits for a good receptionist include warm, smiley, welcoming, he/she should have phone etiquette, good listening and communicating skills, organised and of good PR with the visitors.

However there are those receptionists that make you never want to go back to a company for their services. Here are the most annoying type of receptionists:

  1. Arrogant and rude receptionist – you could tell the atmosphere by the greeting. You can easily tell an arrogant receptionist just by the tone of greetings he/she offers.


  1. The loud receptionist – These are the kind that will never speak in low tones thus never keeping request private. They will also shout the entire conversation over the telephone.



  1. No follow-up receptionist – these are the ones that believe there main responsibility is to pass you message to the person intended and after that they completely go un-bothered. Even if you spend the rest of your day just sat there with no response.


  1. The tip receptionist – for your request to be dealt with like ASAP, you have to part with some few coins. Yes, there are such receptionists.



  1. The slow laid back receptionist – they are always slow in taking up their tasks or even delivering visitors requests to the relevant authorities. You might be forced to wait for them to finish with their personal phone conversation to get their attention.


  1. Disorganised receptionist – yes, there are disorganised receptionists. Handle their work with the least concern. You present a letter for delivering and the next minute he/she doesn’t know where she placed it.




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