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6 Things no one tells you about C-Sections


Do you plan on having a c section when you finally begin a family?

If it’s in your future plans there are common things that can happen during and after a cesarean.

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One thing to note is that c-section experiences are different, each good and bad in their own ways.


That people will assume something went wrong:
There’s this misconception we all have that a woman who does a c section is you gave or your birth plan went wrong. What you need to know is that many C Sections are planned with t full approval of doctors as the safest thing that can be done.

That it’s simpler than a natural birth because there’s no pain:
Who said this? You will feel the doctor pushing and pulling to get the baby out.

The drugs ill make you feel delirious:
When you come out of surgery you are on a LOT of morphine, which is good (because pain), but it can make it hard to know exactly what’s going on, and also can make it hard to breastfeed immediately.

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That feeling is as a result of a reaction some women have to the anesthesia. Bear with it.

No lifting things after:
It’s a major abdominal surgery and it takes time to recover. The doctor will discourage you from lifting, and it may mean you will need help with your baby, something many mothers feel upset about.

Peeing and pooping may make you feel some type of way:
The medication makes you constipated, but a good doctor should give you some pills to help with the bowel movements.


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