That’s Magical! 6 surprising signs the person you’re dating is right for you


How can you tell someone is a good fit for you? Do you let time tell you or are there tell tle signs he or she is the real deal?

Here are the 6 tell tale signs it’s the real deal:

They like and value you just the way you are
We all put our best foot forward when dating, but once we get comfortable that kind of takes a back seat and we show them who we really are. Will this person value this person they are no seeing? If they are comfortable with it, then you have the real deal.



They don’t EVER want to change you for something else
We have that little thing called intuition. Do you listen to it? It’s not just about a potnetial date, but even when you don’t feel safe in the streets and something tells you to get out. Listen to this. If the person you are datign acceot you for who you are then your gut is right and you are on the right path.

They listen to you
Someone once asked me how I know if your date is likely to make a good spouse, and I responded that they should listen and understand you plus they should remember small details that you even forgot. If they listen and show genuine interest, then girl you are on the right path, hold onto that manz. They also remember things that you have told them about yourself.



They care when you are sad and want to comfort you 
Do they reach out and ask if you need to talk? Are they compassionate? Or are they doing many other things as you talk about what’s bothering you. It’s important to know what kind of human being the person is.


The two of you are excited to be with each other
That feeling of butterflies plays a very important role if you are excited about him or her. Sharing the same feeling of excitement when together is a sure fire sign.

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